Top 10 Richest Men In The World

The battle for the wealthiest men has had little changes over the past years. Most of these men have retained their positions. This means that they are competing against themselves. We have not experienced any new entrant in the top 10 billionaires. Some glaring facts from these men are that most of them are from the USA; most of them are self-made billionaires, having built some of the world best companies from scratch. It is also evident that most of them made their fortunes in the technology sector. But how much do you know about them? Below is a list of the top 10 wealthiest men and information about their families, their earning and other personal preferences.

1. Bill Gates


Country: USA

Age: 60 years old

Net worth: $87.4 Billion

Bill Gates has been on the top ten list for 16 years within the last 21. At the age of 20, Gates cofounded Microsoft Company with his friend, Paul Allen. At the age of 30, the company went public, making him a billionaire. He served as the company CEO till 2000. Up to 2014, he was the largest shareholder.

Apart from being the richest man, he is also the most generous man, through their Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He is married to Belinda Gates, and they have three daughters. He lives in Washington.

2. Amancio Ortega


Country: Spain

Age: 79 years old

Net worth: $66.8 billion

Ortega started his Spanish fashion giant Index at the age of 14. It is today among the largest fashion empires in the world. His business has opened over 230 stores in 48 new markets. The company biggest grand is Zara, a fast changing fashion. Despite being all this rich Ortega, still takes his meals with his together with his employees. He is known for his simple uniform of blue blazer and white shirt. He is married to Flora Perez, and they have three children.

3. Warren Buffet


Country: USA

Age: 85 year old

Net worth: $60.7

Warren Buffet owns Blackshire Hathaway an investment he started when he was very young. He used to deliver newspapers using a bike and at the age of 11, he bought shares in the stock market. He was denied a chance to study in Harvard school and instead went to Columbia business school. Up to 1950, Buffet was a financial analyst before establishing his firm. He is a fugal billionaire, known for loving junk foods. They are close friends with Bill Gates; they both founded the Giving Pledge, a promise by the billionaires to share half of their wealth.

He was married to Astrid Menks and has three children.

4. Jeff Bezos


 Country: USA

Age: 51 years old

Net worth: $56.6 Billion

Jeff Bezos is credited with establishing e-commerce concept in the world. He founded in 1994, in his Seattle home. Amazon went public three years later. Today the company has grown and included everything, from food to furniture. In 2014, the company recorded $89 billions of sales. Apart from the interest in Amazon, he has other investments. He bought The Washington post and also owns Blue Origin Company. He is married to MacKenzie Besoz.

5. David Koch


Country: US

Age: 75 years old

Net worth: $47.4 Billion

David Koch wealth is a combination of inheritance and self-created wealth. Koch and his brother, Charles, own Koch Industries that is the 2nd largest private company. David is known to be conservative, and the two brothers are politically influential. David does not like much attention as his brother. He has survived death twice, from prostate cancer and through an aircraft crash in 1991. He is another generous billionaire. He is married to Julia Margaret, whom they have three children.

6. Charles Koch


Country: USA

Age: 80 years old

Net worth: $46.8 billions

Charles is the CEO of Koch Industries, which they own with his brother David. Koch industry is a multifaceted conglomerate private company, which they own with his brother. The company recorded revenues of up to $115 Billion and employed 100,000 people. Charles is conservative and politically influential. The two brothers control the wealth of up to $94 Billion, and are expected to donate over $750 million dollars in 2016 elections. He is married to Liz Koch, whom they have three children.

7. Larry Ellison


Country: USA

Age: 71 years old

Net worth: $45.3 Billion

His breakthrough was in 1977, when Larry together with two other colleagues teamed up, starting their programming firm. Their company would later be contracted to build a database management system by the CIA. Their project grew and is today known as the Oracle, the 2nd largest software manufacturer behind Microsoft. In 2010, he reduced his annual salary from $1 million down to $1. He also owns a real estate portfolio and an airline. He loves tennis and has a project to support the game. He is married to Melanie Craft, whom they have two children.

8. Mark Zuckerberg


Country USA

AGE: 31 years old

Net worth $42.8 billion

At the age of 19, Mark launched Facebook, a social media platform in 2004. He would later drop out of college to concentrate on Facebook management. Facebook popularity exploded attracting a billion of users every day. The company today is valued at $275 billion. At 31, he is the youngest billionaire among the top 50. He is married to Priscilla Chan, and they have one daughter Max. The couple through their foundation, Chan-Zuckerberg is planning to give 99% of their wealth. The 2 are known to be generous. Mark lives humbly and is known for his jeans and gray t-shirt dress code.

9. Michael Bloomberg


Country: USA

Age: 73 years old

Net worth: $42.1 billion

Michael is a known self-made billionaire. He launched his financial data company in 1981. He later started a new media subsidiary in 1990. He left the company in 2002 to run for New York mayor. Luckily he won and served for three terms. He returned to the company and overhauled the company, taking the company to a new direction. He is expected to run for president through an independent presidential bid. He is a spouse to Diana Brown.

10.Ingvar Kamprad


Country: Sweden

Age: 80 years old

Net worth: $39.3 billion

Ingvar owns IKEA, the world largest furniture retailer that records sales of up to $33 billion. He started the company at the age of 17. Today, he is not very actively involved in the company management but sits in the management meetings. He is a frugal billionaire. He is said to stay in cheap hotels, flying in business class and driving the same Volvo for over two decades. He is married to Margareta Kamprad, whom they have four children.

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