Top 10 Men K-pop Singer Idols of Asian Girls in 2016

The battle for the best K-pop singer idol is not ending soon. It is always hard to select the best K-pop singer idol, but there are some who have won the hearts of many Asian girls. Most of these singers are thought to be from royal families, because of their looks, while it is not the case. They are normal guys who have excelled in K-pop music industry. Who is your best? K-pop male singer idols are loved for their talent, their unique styles, their sexy and handsome looks and their manners. The following are 10 male k-pop male singers who are idols to many Asian girls.

10. Choi Siwon


Choi siwon was born in 1986 and is an idol to many Asian girls. He is a talented model, singer, and actor. His journey to fame has not been simple. Initially, his parents were not supportive of his decision to venture in music. In fact, after they knew of how he attended auditions without them knowing, they failed to support him as a lesson. Luckily they later supported him. Today, Siwon is a face to many endorsements and appears in many Korean programs. He has traveled to Thailand and China to shoot commercials and promoting movies. Choi Siwon, has lately been rumored to be dating Lie Wen, but is not known if it is true. The two had earlier acted in a TV program as a couple.

9. Ok Taecyeon


Taecyoen is a South Korean successful and talented rapper, singer, actor and entrepreneur. He is a member of the famous 2PM boys band. He was born in 1988 in Seous but later relocated with family to Massachusetts at the age of 7. He attended school in the US, where he learn English, he later moved back to South Korea, but this time, to pursue acting. Later in 2006, he was chosen to participate in Super Star survival, a Korean reality show but he was eliminated before the show ended. This exposure impacted positively to his brand image. It is not still known who Ok Taecyeon is dating but he has always expressed himself of how his dream woman should be.

8. Jay Park


Believed to be an entertainer by birth. Jay Park is a multitalented young guy, making him an idol to many Asian girls. Park is a singer, dancer, songwriter, model and a choreographer, and that is not all, he is a model too. He rose to fame, by being the leader of 2PM and his outstanding performances. He is described as friendly, charismatic and a good leader. His sexy looks and character make him a favorite k-pop idol to many Asian girls and from all over the world.

7. Lee Gi-Kwand


Famously known as AJ, Lee is undoubtedly one of the most handsome k-pop idols we have. He is multi-talented, a friendly and has a charming personality. Aj is leader vocalist and main dancer with B2ST or BEAST. AJ personality, performance, and character continue to make him an idol to many upcoming k-pop singers.

6. Kim Jonghyun


Kim Jonghyun was born in 1990 and is another celebrated k-pop idol. He is a songwriter and is credited with writing Juliette Lyrics in less than hour. He loves to play the piano. Kim has always had controversial being seen as a playboy, and that he has never dated a girl. He speaks three languages Mandarin, English, and Korean. Kim is friendly and has a charming personality.

5. Lee Tae Min


Lee Tae Min is a member of the famous SHInee group. He was born in 1993 in Dongbong district. He is a singer, model, and actor. He is very friendly and has a charming personality. Lee is modest and one of the cool k-pop idols you can meet. He has a killer smile, especially because of his cheekbones. He has taken part in Korean movies as a voice actor.

4. Choi Seung Hyun


Known by his stage name T.O.P is an actor and recording actor in South Korea. Choi was born in 1987 and is 1.81 meters tall. He is a member of Big Bang. Choi, who is also a rapper, has featured in different films and dramas. Chou has been ranked as one of the hottest sex symbols. He has released hits songs like “Turn it up” that was performed in 2013 at Mnet Asian Music Award.

3. Lee Dong-Hae


Born in 1986, Lee has a height of 1.75meters; Lee Dong-Hae is a successful k-pop singer and an idol to many. Dong-Hae, who is a Korean, is a singer, actor and a dancer. His talent, looks, and popularity made him appear in Chinese Postage stamps. Lee is friendly, humble and is described as very understanding. He lost his father of cancer in 2006. He says he was too close to his father and later released the song Thank you for tribute to him.

2. Taeyang


His real name is Dong Young-Bae. He was born in 1988. Taeyang is a model, actor, and singer. Dong is loved for his incredible performances and his looks. His smile, cute eyes, and demeanor have made him a favorite to his female fans. Taeyang first performed when he was in 5th, and his journey has been very successful. One of his music albums appeared on top of billboards world album chart.

1. Jung Ji-Hoon


Nick name Jung Ji-Hoon is Rain, he was born in 1982 in Seoul. He says that during his elementary school days, he was very shy. He started dancing when in was in 6th grade. During his first dance, he just volunteered to represent his school. He imitated some moves he used to watch on TV and luckily, the crowd loved him. After he was cheered, that is when he thought he would like to be a dancer. He was too close to his mother, who passed on because of diabetes. Today, Jung says he works so hard for his late mother.



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