Top 10 “Diet” Foods That Makes You Fat Instead of Thin

The science of nutrition is complex. It may sound simple when a nutritionist is outlining how many calories, carbs, and fat should be in your diet, but the science behind it detailed. On the other hand, we live in a society that puts a lot of pressure on overweight people, instilling fear that no one wants to add some weight. Therefore, we are all looking for information on nutrition and tips on how to maintain our well-toned bodies. Unfortunately, most of the information we are getting is totally misleading. You must have seen the TV adverts advising you on what to eat in the morning, lunch and for supper to keep healthy. But be warned, those all marketing campaigns, and some of those foods they are telling you to eat, is what you should be running away from. The following are Top 10 “Diets” Foods That Makes You Fat Instead Of Thin.

1. Wheat whole breadWheat-whole-bread

Most of the time, you will hear recommendations of eating whole wheat bread instead of refined wheat bread. While it is true that whole wheat bread is better than refined wheat bread, the problem is the ingredient. The whole wheat bread is not made from whole wheat. Instead, the grains have been pulverized into flour that is fine and gets easy to digest. Thus after eating, the flour spikes your blood sugar level just as refined grains do. This bread glycemic rate index is equal to the regular white bread. Despite having more fiber and better nutrition that is not the case, the issue is its potential to spike your blood level.

2. Breakfast cereals


Another most recommended breakfast food is breakfast cereals. However, it is the last meal you should be starting your day with. The food has a lot of refined carbs and excess sugar. Eating the food in the morning will be spiking your insulin and blood sugar level. Then after a few hours the blood sugar will fall, making your body demand some more sugar. Despite the advertising tag being, low fat and whole grains, the high sugar content is the worst input in your body, early in the morning.

3. Agave Nectar



Usually marketed as high fructose corn syrup and as an alternative to sugar. The problem is that this agave nectar is worse that even the sugar it purports to substitute. It is also unhealthy because of its high fructose content.

This is the point; sugar has 50% fructose while agave has between 70-90%. You see? This excessive amount of fructose is dangerous to your health.

4. Granola



Despite granola containing some useful ingredients like nuts and oats, the addition of sugar and oil, spoils everything. This “healthy” food is deliberately manufactured with excess sugar to encourage consumption. Therefore, the results are more sales and more revenue to the manufacturer and then over consumption and bad health to the user.

5. Low-fat yogurts


The real yogurt has low fat and is healthy, but what we have in the stores today, is a high processed garbage with the name “ low fat yogurt” Mostly, when manufacturers are making low-fat products, the products change their taste completely. To make them taste better, they add sugar, artificial sweetener or high fructose corn syrup. The only problem with this yogurt is removing the harmful product, that is fat, and then replacing it with something worse.

6. Commercial salad dressing


A lot of people are not able to eat their salad without adding dressing.This makes them think that the best option they have is buying commercial salad dressing.The problem with this dressing salad their ingredients that include high fructose corn syrup and soybean oil.It is better and healthier making your salad dressing and add something like vinegar, extra virgin oil, and spices.

7. Fruit juices


This is another outright lie that fruit juice is healthy because it is made from fruit. If you make it yourself, it is better, when taken a little. But what we are buying today is a different thing. Some of them have no natural fruit. Instead, they are flavored water. So what you have been drinking may be water, added with some chemicals and sugar, to make it sweet. Also, remember that fruit juice has no fiber; so instead of fruit juice eat a whole fruit.

8. Organic processed food


If it is natural organic food, that is better but for processed organic food, that is something completely different. From just looking at their ingredients, that includes, snacks, crackers, and replacement bars, you will notice there is no difference between them and processed food. Even when they have organic cane sugar, there is no difference; your liver doesn’t know the difference between these sugars.

9. Gluten-Free Junk Food


This is another popular food nowadays. From a recent research, it was shown that so many people are trying to cut their gluten intake, making them buy these foods. The manufacturers are now making all sort of gluten free food. The problem is that even when eating these gluten free foods, you equally unsafe as someone eating gluten food. These foods are made from, refined carbs, chemicals, and sugar. Instead of these foods, go for foods that are gluten free, i.e. animals and plants.

10. Trail mixes


Trail mixes are made from peanuts, nuts and dried fruits, and sometimes they have grains and chocolate. These dried fruits have a lot of sugar while the nuts have a lot of fat. These foods are only good when you need extra energy for example when hiking. However, even those who don’t need energy are eating them. Trail mixes have a dangerous combination of high fat and high carbs.

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