The Dog Teaches The Beggar Become a Richer


Dog teaches beggar become a richer

There is a beggar that always sleep at a public garden and he always clean it before sleeping. One day there is a richer who is the owner’s a big company in the city go to shopping around there. Suddenly he looked at the garden and he saw many beggars were sleeping around that. The grasses had been destroyed by the beggars, but only place grasses that grasses are still good. It was placed beggar that we mention above stay. He walked to close that beggar then he asked that beggar. “Do you wanna a job?” The beggar answer “Yes, I sir”. The reason owner’s company ask him that like because his garden protector just leaves job.

The beggar became his garden protector, he tried hard word every day, but his boss still doesn’t like him and  never talk to him. So he always thinks why he try hard word but his boss still doesn’t like him. There is a smart dog in the house when its owner come back work, it’s always barking and run to its own. And its owner always hugs and kiss that dog, so the beggar understood about that. Every day when his boss come back work, he always runs to open door’s car and help hold  bag his boss. Then his boss feels comfortable with him. Next day driver left the job, because his wife got accident and he need take care his wife at the hospital. Owner’s company can’t find a person that drive his car to work, he asked garden protector “Do you want to be the driver?”  garden protector answer “Yes”. After that  garden protector became a driver, while his boss was working at the company.The driver tries to take care all staff at the company when everyone need buy something he always helps them.He never thinks about the position of staff even cleaner, garden protector and security guide too.Everyone at the company like him so much.

The bad day  manager of the company died, but it was lucky for the driver because owner company let he instead manager position a few day.The company can’t find the new manager because it’s high position, then owner company let everyone that work at company vote for the new manager.Because many people like him so he passed manager position.Since he became to manager company, he tries hard work every day.The company grew up with some his idea.The final owner company let his daughter marry with him when owner company was retired then he became owner that company.

This article just wants to show you something we can learn more about dog action.Why some people like the dog but they don’t like us?

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