10 Signs of the Best Friend


best-friendGetting a best friend is not easy. There are times you may feel as if you have met the best person in your life, only to realize later that they were not real friends. You will be walked over, betrayed, stepped on by people you highly regard. However, not meeting a real friend in the first person you meet should not prevent you from being outgoing and giving your best to those you meet. But is also easy to know that you have the best friend. The following are signs that will tell you that you have a best friend.

1. Sacrifice

“A friend in need, is a friend in need” The best friend will sacrifice for you. Friendship is not just about when things are running smooth. But when there are challenges, it the best test for friendship. The best friend will never abandon you when you are trouble or when life has got you down. If you fall sick, a friend will never tire to visit you, cook for you and even to wash for you. When you get yourself in trouble, the best friend will always be there for you.

2. No Secrets

There are things that a friend will have in their lives that are always hard to share. When you have someone who shares with you about their worries, troubles, and dreams that is a real friend. Friendship is based on trust. One can only be able to share their dark part of their lives only if they trust you. So, never take for granted anyone who sees that you are worth, that they can open up and share what they have held dear for their lives.

3. No Gossips

If there is something we all struggle with, is being judgmental. We tend to judge a person who even we do not know their story. A best friend will never judge you. They will never talk with anyone behind your back. The best friend will focus on seeing the best in you and work to see you a better person.

4. Change your Mistakes

In life, we are always faced with hard decisions. It is about taking a risk that requires us to be bold because we are never sure of the results to expect. This is where the best friend comes in; they will always tell you when they feel you are taking the wrong route. It is not that they don’t t love you, it is only that they want to see you a better person. When you have someone who challenges you and tells you that you are not at your best, that is a friend whom you should keep.

5. Celebrate Your Success

The biggest test of friendship is the way you handle the success of each other. Friendship is void of competition. Also, there is no assurance that your lives will progress equally. It is normal for one to succeed first. But how your friend handle this speaks volume. A best friend will always celebrate your success, and when you are facing struggles, they will stand with you, wish you well and always pray for you. It is one of the surest signs of a best friend when they are not intimidated by your success.

6. Time Together

We will never have enough time to do all we want. For a friend, It will not matter how their schedules are, but they will always get time to be with you. When you have a person who sacrifices their weekend to be with you, invites to go for concerts, dances or movies, it means they enjoy being with you.

7. Crazy Action

Sometimes you will see your friend’s action like crazy people when they stay with you, so don’t confuse they are crazy they just want to make you happy and laugh with their crazy action.

8. Comfortable With You

Friendship is about accepting each other in all aspects. The best friend will accept you as you are. They know you in and out and will tolerate the nonsense in you. When you have someone who respects what you believe in, even if they do not agree with it, that is a friend to keep. They are also comfortable with your family members and other people in your circle.

9. Value Your Friendship

When you have a friend who appreciates the value of your friendship and you as a person, that is a sign of a real friend. A friend will always remind you how important you are and what you mean to them. They will do everything to make the friendship better and last longer. When you have someone who views your friendship as gold that is a real friend.

10. Your Friendship is Equal

Friendship is like a two-way traffic. Both of you should do to each other what they would want to be done to them. When you have a friend who supports, cares, admires and respects you in equal measure or even more, that is a sign of a best friend. They will not always expect you to do things for them; they will always take the challenge.


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